Sunday, May 4, 2008

Heritage Walking Tours of the Gorge

Heritage Walking Tours of the Gorge Road West Area - 2008 Saanich's first self guided Heritage Walking Tour brochures are ready to use. Download and view or print both Heritage Walking Tours of the Gorge Road West area. Tour One covers the area between Admirals Road and Colquitz Avenue and Tour Two provides a guide between Adelaide Avenue and Inez Drive. These brochures begin to tell the history of Saanich and, in particular, the Gorge Road West area.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Victoria Alpine Society

I recently stumbled upon a garden project of the Victoria Alpine Society. I had no idea they maintained this gem, and look forward to visiting others. They are looking for volunteers for their Hospital rock project. Here is a link to their site. , and another for the garden at Beaconhill park.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Tofino Botanical Garden's

Join us at the Tofino Botanical Gardens and the Clayoquot Field Station for a 3-day program which includes:
Two nights dormitory-style accommodation (Private Suite available at additional cost)
Two breakfasts
Three seminars/slideshows
Ample opportunities for guided birding and “intertidaling” with biologists and naturalists.
Read more details about Tofino's Shorebird Festival and Naturalist's Weeknend here...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Victoria's Secret

I beleive most of us are aware of Victoria's most famous Garden's. Many of us have shown off Butchart Gardens, or strolled through Beaconhill park with out out of town guests. Beaconhill park was a standard weekend picnic destination for my young family, and I still manage a stroll there often enough.
Victoria is the city of gardens, and full of treasures that may not be part of our routines. I have been a gardener in Victoria, most of my life and I hate to admit there are garden's open to the public I have always meant to visit....but haven't. My latest resoloution is to visit first the public garden's I haven't seen, and discover some of Victoria's secret garden's.